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Classic Rock and Kiss


For those around in the 70s, when rock and roll was really taking flight, it is most likely you remember the band KISS. Formed in 1972, this band is most memorable for its members who wore flamboyant outfits and painted their faces. The anonymity of the group intrigued followers along with their elaborate stage performances that included breathing fire, spitting blood, guitars that smoked and more. While these tactics may seem over-the-top today, it earned KISS over 24 gold albums and sales that exceeded 80 million.

The idea of face makeup stemmed from the band’s desire to mimic comic book figures. There was the Demon, Gene Simmons; Starchild, Paul Stanley, Spaceman, Ace Frehley, and Catman, Peter Criss. Each person picked a character that best represented their personality. It wasn’t until 1983 that the band members from KISS performed without makeup.

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Instrumentally Yours

Manny (My best friend for over 50 years, and very knowledgeable in Rock ‘N’ Roll history) and I were discussing the evolution of instrumentals from 1955 to the 1980′s. A lot has changed with the advancement and miniaturization of electronics along side the metamorphosis of music itself. we were thrilled as kids listening to the local AM station on our transistor radios, the forerunners of todays’ ipods( ? ). Then came 8-tracks, cassettes, CD’s and now downloads off the internet. I’m glad I was here to enjoy these transitions.

Anyway, moving on, what is an instrumental? In short , a musical composition without lyrics or singing. There might be some vocal input, but the melody is primarily originated from musical instruments. In most songs, usually centered, is an instrumental interlude. This was great for all the bands with a limited repertoire when they were playing to a live audience. It enabled them to stretch this “interlude” and lengthen the duration of the song they were playing. The local groups we went to see, would always employ this idea to fill their night. Read more »

Fats Domino – A Rock ‘N’ Roll Pioneer

Fats_Domino_1956 (255x191)Antoine “Fats” Domino, Jr. came into the world on February 26, 1928. He was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His dad was an accomplished violinist this sparked a love of music in Fats. In the summer of 1947, while playing the piano at a backyard barbecue, he was asked to play in a band by Billy Diamond, A New Orleans bandleader. Diamond nicknamed him “Fats” because Domino reminded him of two other renowned pianists with the same name.

“The Fat Man” sold a million records by 1953 on the Imperial Record label. A few of those hits which made the U.S.- R.&B. Charts were: “The Fat Man” (1949 @ #2); “Every Night About This Time” (1950 @#9); “Goin’ Home” (1952 @ #1 & U.S. Hot 100 Chart @ #30); “Poor, Poor Me” (1952 @ #10) and a number of songs in 1953 and 1954 that also made the U.S. – R.&B. Charts.

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