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Bubblegum! Not the kind you chew. A new style of music known as “Bubblegum Pop”, “Bubblegum Rock” or “Bubblegum Music”. It has also been referred to as “Sunshine Pop”, but that sub-genre is much closer in form and function to a more contemporary style of music (Europop) influenced by show tunes and the British Invasion.

Bubblegum had a direct appeal to the young crowd. This new sound was specific with catchy melodies, simple harmonies, singalong choruses and an upbeat happy feeling. Many of the songs in this new genre have been heard over the years in the marketing of edible, sugary foods, because of happy feeling they imparted to the listener. Read more »


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Despite the flack he takes, there’s more great Sammy Hagar songs than you might think, even if you subtract his amazingly fruitful decade as the second lead singer of Van Halen. The following list focuses on his solo work, with one notable exception, and reveals an earnest, positive thinking, fun loving guy who just wants to rock. Oh, and drive really fast. Here is Ultimate Classic Rock’s list of the Top 10 Sammy Hagar Songs:

Sammy Hagar Little White Lie
10′Little White Lie’
From ‘Marching to Mars’ (1997)
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Classic Rock Songs


For those of you who are die-hard rock music fans, classic rock is the best music you can opt for. The blend of intense instrumental music with the deepest lyrics sung by singers with the most elevating voices, is what classic rock music is. Right from the 1960s to the 1990s, the rock industry has given birth to a number of rock bands who have left their marks and have earned huge fan followings because of their beautiful songs. These rock songs are still the most soul-touching songs.

Best Songs Ever

With a number of rock bands to listen to, sometimes you simply can’t decide which one’s your favorite. Rock is the kind of music which is admired and understood by men and women. Once you know what rock music is and how it can soothe you, there is a personal relationship which you develop with it. Throughout these years there have been many rock bands and individual singers who have tried to do the same thing, relate to their audiences and thus they are such well-known singers who are known to sing from the soul and to the soul. Find out the best songs to be ever written from the following list of songs.

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