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Bad News On The Doorstep

Bad News On The Doorstep

A few weeks ago, while listening to the radio, the DJ played Don McLean’s American Pie. As I listened, it occurred to me that over the years we have lost quite a few artists. I called Manny, my best friend for over fifty years, to discuss my thoughts regarding these calamities. Manny is a walking Rock ‘N’ Roll encyclopedia. He’s forgotten more about rock music than most people will ever know! Anyway, within about five minutes, we compiled a list comprising fifteen memorable artists who met an untimely death. We came to the conclusion , there were many “Days The Music Died”, since the beginning of rock until the year 2000. As I researched this topic, I was amazed how many well known rock performers had sad endings to their lives. A few of the reasons were: cancer, car crashes, heart attacks, murders, overdoses, plane crashes, strokes and many other reasons. I decided to mention the most popular entertainers, as the list is much longer than I had anticipated. So let’s start with Danny Cedrone (from Bill Haley And His Comets). He died June 17, 1954 in Philadelphia, PA. He fell down a flight of steps and broke his neck. (I was much luckier, I broke my neck on March 29, 2014. Check the “About Me” section on the website) Read more »

25 Years Ago: Soundgarden Fire an Opening Shot in The Alt-Rock Revolution


On Sept. 5, 1989, a little-known band named Soundgarden – hailing from the cold, cloudy and rainy metropolis of Seattle — helped set the wheels of an alternative music revolution in motion with an album that dared to claim it was ‘Louder Than Love.’

At the time, overproduced pop and predictable hair metal still dominated the U.S. music charts and radio station playlists. But anyone paying close attention could have told you that the tides of musical trends were already undergoing a major shift just beneath the surface.

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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Premieres ‘The Wall’


The long-awaited tour documentary from former Pink Floyd bassist, lyricist and founding member, Roger Waters, premiered this past Saturday (Sept. 6) at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), NME reports.

The Wall, as it’s appropriately titled, was filmed by Waters with the aid of director Sean Evans. The 133-minute film features footage from when the musician was on tour performing his famed show between the years 2010 and 2013.

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