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The One-Hit Wonders (1955-1958)

One-Hit Wonders Continued ( 1959 thru 1962 )

Over the years there have been many “One-Hit Wonders”. These are a few of the entries that fit into that category.According to Billboard, one of the early contributors was ‘The Penguins’ with “Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)”. It peaked at #8 on the charts, February 1955, and still is very popular on most “Oldies” radio programs. The ‘Baby Boomers’ are sure to remember “The Ballad Of Davy Crockett”. It peaked at #29 in April 1955. Also in 1955 “At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama)” by the ‘El Dorados’,

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Classic Rock Snob Bares His Soul

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OK, I admit it. I’m a Classic Rock snob.

But how can I not be, when there is simply no doubt that the music from the era 1965 -1976, was the pinnacle, the height of creativity, genius, and the dawning of the New Enlightenment. (Yes, I know some of you may debate the exact years the New Enlightenment began, but let’s agree that the time frame I’m suggesting, is somewhere in the ballpark.) Read more »