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Buddy Holly – Singer – Songwriter

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Charles Hardin Holley was born in Lubbock, Texas on September 7, 1936. He was always called “Buddy” by his family. His older brothers taught him how to play the guitar, banjo and the lap steel guitar.

Buddy won a local talent contest at the age of five by singing a song, which was popular in the early 1940′s, “Have You Ever Gone Sailing (Down The River Of Memories)”.

Holley met Bob Montgomery in 1952 and the two formed up as “Buddy and Bob”, singing harmony duets, with a bluegrass influence, at nearby clubs and talent shows.

In 1955,  Holley saw Elvis Presley perform in Lubbock. Seeing Elvis had a major influence in the music that Buddy was currently playing. He liked the rockabilly style with its strong acoustic rhythms and bass. Read more »

Rock Love Songs

Rock Love Songs

There are many love songs which are sung in the most magical way by singers. Many rock bands like Bon Jovi and Eric Clapton are very well-known for their love songs rather than their rock songs. This is because they had the class to come up with beautiful lyrics and often enthralled their audiences with them. Thus take a look at a few such classic rock love songs and find your favorite!

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Great Heroes of Classic Rock


Classic rock is a term used loosely to describe albums released in the early to late 70′s by artists that have become legendary and therefore “classics.”

Most of these artists were highly original and became influential on many bands in subsequent generations to come. No matter what era you were born in, almost any band you listen to has been influenced by artists and bands from the 1970s. Moreover, even if you are only in your teens and you think your favorite band is “totally original,” chances are they were influenced by a musician or group from that era, even if they don’t consciously know it.  Read more »